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  • Promotion until 15.05.2021 - bring light into the dark!

    Wacker Neuson brings light into the dark with the winter promotion. A well-lit construction site offers the necessary safety during work. The Light Tower LTE is a mobile, trailer-mounted, high-performance light supply with its own generator. Thanks to its six LED lamps, the light tower achieves daylight-like lighting and has a large illumination radius of 3800 m². It is ideally suited for illuminating construction sites, concrete works, roads and bridges, car parks and events. During the promotional period, you will enjoy exceptional prices on our LED light poles, floor saws and breakers.

  • Productiviteit, kracht en kwaliteit voor uw Wacker Neuson bouwapparatuur

    U zoekt waardebehoud en bedrijfszekerheid? Wacker Neuson levert dit! Het is nu tijd om aan uw machines te gaan denken.