Electric wheel dumper DW15e

Electric wheel dumper DW15e: The electric dumper with all wheel drive system

The DW15e is the first fully electric-powered wheel dumper ex works, offering many additional application uses. The clearly laid-out display with charge level display and two separate engines for drive system and hydraulics ensure maximum efficiency and operating comfort. Charged overnight, it can be used again immediately the next workday, fully ready for operation without performance restrictions as compared with conventional wheel dumpers. 100% emission-free work protects the environment and the operator alike. The high service intervals and maintenance-free battery round off the perfect cost-benefit ratio.

Electric wheel dumper DW15e

Chargeable at a normal 220 V socket

  • With only 8 hours maximum charge time, the machine can easily be charged overnight on an outlet and is ready to use in the morning again with a full battery.
  • The permanently mounted charging cable for a 220 V outlet is stowed securely on the machine, meaning the machine is not bound to any fixed location during the charging process and can be spontaneously charged anywhere.
  • To increase running time, the machine can also be charged at any time, for example on work breaks.

More Features

Electric wheel dumper DW15e

Battery charger on the machine

  • With the charging cable carried on the machine, it can be charged anywhere and is usable independent of location.
  • It can even remain overnight at the construction site and is immediately ready for use on the next day.
  • The battery charger is incorporated and always available when needed.
Electric wheel dumper DW15e

Very low operating costs

  • The electric drive system makes the machine very low-maintenance and more favorably priced in ongoing maintenance and operation, compared to conventional engines.
  • The electric drive system further ensures significantly reduced total operating costs for the machine.
Electric wheel dumper DW15e

Easy service and maintenance access

  • Die leicht erreichbaren Service- und Wartungszugänge machen die täglichen Kontrollen, genauso wie die regelmäßige Wartung und Instandhaltung, einfach und zeitsparend.
  • In optimaler Höhe platziert und ohne großen Aufwand erreicht man schnell alle Service- und Wartungspunkte, um die täglichen Routinearbeiten ohne großen Zeitaufwand abzuschließen.
DW15ein the vineyard

Small dimensions

  • The compact dimensions of the machine make it ideal for maneuvering and working in confined spaces.
  • This gives better possibilities to maneuver the machine in narrow applications.
  • The machine can be operated without restrictions even in narrow places.

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