Cut-off saw BTS635 in use on construction site

Gasoline Cut-off Saw BTS635s: Superior performance with every cut

The BTS635s gasoline cut-off saw is the ideal tool on the construction site. Thanks to the high-quality fabrication of the components, it is sturdy and has an extremely long service life. The well-balanced machine design is easy to handle and can be intuitively operated. The air-cooled 2-stroke engine has a powerful torque with reliable power transmission and provides first-class cutting performance.

Cut-off saw BTS635 studio image from side

Sturdy design

  • Its durable and sturdy design keeps wear low. In addition, productivity is increased due to minimized downtime.
  • The machine offers a high level of reliability in tough everyday work on the construction site.

More Features

Cutt-off saw with quick-connect coupling

Rapid action couplings for water hoses (Gardena model)

  • For water sprinkling, any standard hose can be connected. No additional tools are needed.

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