APS Series

Electric vibratory plates APS - 10-20 kN

Electric vibratory plates APS - 10-20 kN: Excellent handling and maneuverability on soil and asphalt

The APS series is distinguished by its outstanding handling capabilities. Moving and turning these vibratory plates on fresh asphalt is unsurpassed in comfort and produces clean finishes with no marks. Even clean finishes at curbs are easy to produce due to the angular side edges of the base plate. The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while still achieving low hand-arm vibrations of less than 5 m/s², which makes long and comfortable working conditions possible. Because of the direct drive, the APS series does not require V-belts and is therefore maintenance-free.

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Maintenance-free electric motor

  • Maintenance work is completely eliminated compared to combustion engines For example, there are no problems with dirt accumulation or inferior oil. This significantly reduces maintenance effort and costs over the long service life of the machine.
Electric vibratory plates APS - 10-20 kN

Excellent turning ability and control with simultaneously low HAV

  • The guide handle responds precisely to steering movements while simultaneously reducing hand-arm vibrations to the greatest extent possible. This way, the vibratory plate can be controlled comfortably with little effort.
  • Turning and steering movements are transferred very easily to the machine. This makes work quick and comfortable.

More Features

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Direct drive without a V-belt

  • The motor is mounted directly on the base plate and does not require a V-belt. For this reason, no maintenance is necessary, reducing operating and spare parts costs.
Single Direction Vibratory Plate

Constant power output

  • The machine performs consistently throughout the entire discharging phase of the battery- from the first to the last minute of work.
Single Direction Vibratory Plate

Wheel set quickly ready for use

  • If the wheel set is folded down, the guide handle automatically locks and the machine can be moved immediately. Conversely, the guide handle is automatically unlocked when you fold up the wheel set. This ensures smooth procedures on the construction site.

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