2-stroke rammer BS30

2-stroke rammer BS30: The vibratory rammer specially designed for compaction around pipes

The BS30 is the vibratory rammer specially designed for professional compaction around pipes in trenches. The lightweight, compact dimensions and ability to deliver full performance even when tilted make the BS30 2-stroke rammer the only choice for this kind of job. It is powered by the WM80 engine, developed by Wacker Neuson.

Two-stroke rammer BS60-2plus studio picture lever for idling, starting and stopping

Just one lever for starting, idling and stopping

  • The vibratory rammer can be operated very comfortably using just one lever. The fuel cock is integrated in the lever. The choke is automatically deactivated at full throttle.
Illustration 4-stage air cleaner system rammer

4-stage air cleaner (cyclone, paper filter and 2 foam air cleaners)

  • The quadruple air cleaner system offers very reliable filter efficiency with high capacity and thus continuously high engine output.
  • The air cleaner housing is designed to keep dirt from falling into the air intake area when removing the filter. This protects the engine from dirt entering during maintenance.
  • The air cleaner cover must be opened with a tool: This should prevent the cover from being opened on a dusty construction site or the filter from being completely removed by the operator to work faster. Requiring the use of a tool should ensure that the vibratory rammer is brought to the workshop for air cleaner service.

More Features

Two-stroke rammer BS60-2plus studio picture from front

Slim, compact design with optimum machine center of gravity

  • The compact design, with its low machine center of gravity, offers tip-safe running and facilitates maneuvering, particularly in narrow trenches.

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