Wacker Neuson oils and grease for your machines

With our oils and grease you are prepared for every lubrication task. The oils are suitable for all types of engines. Motorex products are characterized by quality leadership and are synonymous with top quality and industrial competence. We offer the following oils for you:



The oil was specially developed for highly loaded axles. It is characterized by a wide operating temperature range and offers optimum viscosity/temperature behavior. Its high shear stability and strong load carrying capacity ensure stability and safety over the entire service life.



Is an excellent vehicle engine oil for the use in the construction sector with low SAPS technology. Thanks to the low-ash and sulfur-free formula, it can be used specifically for vehicles that are equipped with exhaust aftertreatment systems such as DeNOx-Kat, particulate filters or SCR. The engine oil is released by many manufacturers and can be used Tier 3 to Tier 4 final, as well as Stage V engines.



Is a high performance multigrade hydraulic oil with detergent and dispersant properties. Compared to conventional hydraulic oils, it is characterized by its excellent shear stability. In addition, it has a very good water absorption capacity.


Longlife Lithium Grease with PTFE

Our Longlife Lithium Grease is ideally suited for the lubrication of high-pressure loaded rolling and plain bearings and is suitable for central lubrication systems, especially for use in construction machinery.

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Download Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet COBRA HVLP-D 46

PDF, 117 KB

Safety Data Sheet FOCUS CF SAE 10W/40

PDF, 125 KB

Safety Data Sheet LS UNIVERSAL SAE 90 GL

PDF, 134 KB

Safety Data Sheet Longlife Lithium Greas

PDF, 117 KB

Download Technical Data Sheets

Technical Sheet COBRA HVLP-D46

PDF, 110 KB

Technical Sheet FOCUS CF SAE 10W40

PDF, 113 KB

Technical Sheet Longlife Lithium Grease

PDF, 61 KB

Technical Sheet LS UNIVERSAL SAE 90 GL

PDF, 61 KB