FUH Series

Portable frequency converter FUH20 during transport on the construction site

Portable frequency converters FUH: Reliable output at a low weight

The FUH series offers compact, light frequency converters for concrete processing with extremely reliable and stable output, even in long-term application. The use of high-frequency technology makes them significantly lighter than electronic converters and, due to this, particularly convenient to transport. They are completely maintenance-free and suited for the operation of internal and external vibrators.

More Features

Portable frequency converters FUH35 studio image operating light

Overload protection with rpm reduction

  • In the event of an overload, e.g. if the internal vibrator is stuck in the reinforcement, the equipment regulates the rpm of the vibratory head down briefly and then shuts it off. This prevents the motor from burning out.
  • The short-term continued operation of the motor allows the head of the internal vibrator to be pulled out of the concrete.

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