High-frequency internal vibrators IRSEN

High-frequency internal vibrators IRSEN: Concrete consolidation with comfortable operation

The Wacker Neuson IRSEN series of high-frequency internal vibrators offer a short protection hose and low vibration handle. The ergonomically designed handle with vibration damping offers a high degree of comfort during operation. Wacker Neuson's IRSEN high-quality internal vibrators offer a variety of features and benefits.

Illustration Wacker Neuson RPM-stable motors

High-performance electric motor with stable speeds

  • With the consistently high rpm, this high-frequency internal vibrator delivers reliable concrete consolidation performance and efficient, high-quality results.
  • The motors were developed by Wacker Neuson and are wound and produced by in-house manufacturing in Germany. This ensures consistently high engine output and quality.

More Features

High-frequency internal vibrators IRSEN

Thermal overload protection breaker

  • The IR series is equipped with a thermal protection switch. If the internal vibrator runs too long outside the concrete, it automatically switches off to prevent the motor from overheating. This increases the service life of the machine.

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