Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ80

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ80: Compact design and high performance

The EZ80 is the largest Wacker Neuson zero-tail tracked excavator. It combines compact dimensions and low consumption with high performance. With a digging depth of over 4 meters and excellent digging values, excavation work can be completed quickly. Working along walls and other boundaries is no problem because there is no machine rear overhang. Even on narrow urban construction sites, the EZ80 proves itself with its compact dimensions. Moreover, it is impressive due to up to 20% less fuel consumption and thus significantly reduced operating costs.

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ80

Zero Tail

  • When space is limited: Pivot safely, even in the tightest of spaces or right next to the wall - with the Zerotail excavator without rear overhang, no problem.
  • Optimal working in limited working conditions, high maneuverability and time savings are guaranteed.
Compact dimensions

Compact dimensions

  • High level of safety during transportation, cost and time savings. The excavator scores points with a low entry height and reduced external dimensions due to the intelligent component arrangement, providing higher stability thanks to the low center of gravity.
  • Whether during transportation or in tight spaces: thanks to its compact design, the excavator can easily be taken to your next job site. And on the construction site, the machine can maneuver anywhere easily and quickly, even in confined spaces - for high efficiency in every application.

More Features

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ80

Thermal resistance

  • The excavator can work under full load up to an ambient temperature of 45°C/113°F. The stable temperature level results in a longer service life for the hydraulic components and increases productivity.
  • Lower temperature level - longer life, work without loss of performance.
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ80

Intuitive operating concept

  • The intuitive operating concept enables simple and comprehensive control of the excavator. The machine is operated using a joystick, jog dial and keypad. This makes accessing attachment and oil level settings for the additional control circuits quick and easy.

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