Wacker Neuson RTSC3 trench roller in action on a construction site.

Trench Roller RTLx-SC3: smart remote-controlled trench roller

The RT trench roller with the SC3 infrared-remote control offers proven compaction results with safer operation. The smart control uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control. The articulated trench roller with padfoot drums offers below the axle exciter in each drum to allow for the efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results. The compaction of excavations and sub bases of foundations, roads and parking lots is the RT's specialty.

Trench Roller RTLx-SC3

Low Exciter Position

  • The below the axle exciter system in each drum allows for more efficient transfer of energy to the soil for superior compaction results.
  • With the exciters positioned below the axle , the center of gravity is also lower which improves the stability of the machine and lowers the risk of the machine tipping over over.
  • As the compaction energy is transferred directly to the soil, the wear of the machine is reduced. This decreases the overall maintenance cost of the machine.

More Features

Trench Roller RTLx-SC3

Third Infrared Receiving Eye

  • A patented third infrared receiving eye on top of the trench roller eliminates signal loss, while retaining the line-of-sight control of the roller even when operating inside a trench. Operating can be guaranteed, as the third infrared signal leads to fewer interruptions improving operational efficiency.

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