Coupling Set

Coupling Set

Coupling Set: Extra-large operating width for excellent performance on large surface areas.

The coupling set is the ideal machine for crushed stone compaction in railway construction. It is light enough not to sink into the track bed and has a large operating width of three meters. This allows it to efficiently cover a lot of surface area. Therefore, the entire track bed can be compacted with a few passes. The remote control allows the operator to work outside of the danger area, standing away from dust, exhaust emissions and noise pollution. The three coupled DPU110 vibratory plates can also be uncoupled for individual use. This way, they offer maximum flexibility and are easier to transport.

Compatec, Compamatic


  • Compamatic connects Compatec compaction control with a telematics function. The compaction results of a machine can be tracked at any time from your desk in the EquipCare manager.
  • Compamatic helps plan out construction site processes better, ensuring quality.

More Features

Illustration economic efficiency zero emission

Cost-optimized repair concept

  • The multi-piece concept, consisting of a two-piece hood, protective frame and side panels, enables individual parts to be replaced very affordably if damaged.

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